Founded in 2009, Ingram/Schechter is an independent, integrated public relations and marketing agency comprised of journalists and senior communications practitioners who have developed and implemented programs for some of the world’s most recognizable technology and financial services brands, including Microsoft, Cisco, Intuit, IBM, Philips, Bank of America, Capital One, JP Morgan Chase, Aetna and Goldman Sachs.

Ingram/Schechter’s mission is to provide the smartest counsel and the strongest results for the greatest value, and to make this level of experience accessible to companies and organizations of every shape and size – from start-ups and non-profits to national and global corporations. The firm’s communications philosophy is ‘action with purpose.’ Who are you trying to reach, and what change are you trying to effect?

Ingram/Schechter takes a multi-disciplinary approach to communications and marketing, employing public relations and media tools/channels that span the traditional and digital divide.  The firm builds plans on thorough analysis of your organization and your competitors in order to identify the greatest opportunities for engagement and visibility with your target audiences. This makes our programs—strategic blueprints that combine hard data with tactical ingenuity—more impactful and quantifiable, so you can measure success and maximize ROI.

Ingram/Schechter serves national and international clients from North American offices in New York, Santa Fe, San Francisco, and Seattle, and a European office in Spain.